What is my purpose in life?


Wow, we struggle with this question, right? As mamas and women, we want to know if we're living on purpose. Does that mean our children are our only purpose or part of a bigger life mission?

This is what I believe...

To live a simple life, on a path to finding our passion, takes bravery and focus. And motherhood prepares us for this journey as we live out each day with our children.

In the most joyful struggle we will ever experience, waiting to be discovered among the layers of ordinary days, is the life of passion and purpose you were created for. 

Each ordinary day contains moments of abundance just waiting to be noticed and sometimes all it takes is an extra cup of coffee and a voice cheering you on to take a small, brave step in a new direction.



Read this powerful statement about what it means to walk the trail of life as a simply rooted woman.


You're NOT alone

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