Simply Rooted is all about helping you find purpose & rest in the everyday mess.

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this is us

It's messy and chaotic around here, filled with tons of joy and perfectly imperfect family photos.

Don't assume we are busy though.

We have drastically simplified our schedule on purpose so that we can focus on what matters most and have space to discover who we are, what our individual gifts and talents are, and how we can use them to change the world (even if it's just our little part of it).

this is you

Overwhelmed mama

You crash into bed exhausted each night, longing for something more, but you're not sure what it is or how to pursue it when your plate is already full. 

You feel so alone fighting this battle of insecurity and you constantly wonder how every other woman has it all together. (TRUTH: you are not alone, no one has it all together, we're just excellent at hiding it.)

You're stuck in a mindless cycle of daily stuff and you're suffocating in it. Guilt bubbles up in your mind, you love your family tremendously, but you would give up Starbucks coffee for life for the chance to escape to a quiet corner of the world alone.

Your idea of a hot date is ordering take out, putting on your comfy clothes, and binge watching netflix. We're sitting together, that counts as a quality date, right?

You are inspired when you read about the journeys of faith other mamas are called to (but are a bit intimidated by the passionate fire they radiate). You don't know if you've ever experienced faith like that or felt so purposeful.

If you've been nodding your head you're in the right place.

coffee with a friend

Welcome sweet friend!

Grab your favorite mug and let's chat over coffee.

Here's what you need to know about Simply Rooted and myself

Jesus completely changed my life when I truly understood my brokenness and realized how desperately I needed him. I used to be timid, reserved, and unsure of myself. With Christ I have vulnerability, passion and purpose and I am confident enough in him to pursue it. He wants to do that for you too!

husband and wife

Dan is kind of the best husband ever! He does the grocery shopping because he knows I hate it, supports me in all of my wild dreaming, loves me to unbelievable lengths, is an awesome dad, and makes the most delicious (gluten-free) homemade pizza on the planet. For 17 years (13 married) he's been by my side working hard at home and in his career.

Those 4 kids at the top? They keep us on our toes in amazing ways and challenging ways. I know for sure that I will never have this parenting thing down because it always changes! Also, my kids may think I'm a grown up, but I still don't feel like one most days.

Excerpt from the Simply Rooted Manifesto:

We believe beautiful lives are made in the middle of ordinary, and small, simple, consistent faith leads to extraordinary endings.

racial reconciliation

I don't believe in being colorblind. In our family there are varying shades of skin from lovely pale peach to toasted marshmallow to a delightful chocolate brown and each one is beautiful and cause for celebration!

Balance Blueprint

I don't believe balance is impossible, but intentional.


mom with four kids

I believe in teaching my children how to learn, how to think critically, and how to have discussions so that they can pursue their passions well throughout their lives. We've homeschooled for the past three years, but next year the oldest three head back to a local charter school with a nature-based philosophy and we're anticipating this new adventure.

10 Random Facts About Me

1. This Is Us is hands down my favorite show ever.

2. I read constantly. Usually 5 books at the same time. I love how the ideas intertwine and interconnect!

3. Even though I use technology for many things, I'm still a paper planner and wall calendar kind of girl.

4. I am an INFP and I crave solitude. (This is why I do #8!)

5. My simplifying journey started after a mission trip to Kenya in 2012.

6. Essie nail polish is my splurge. My favorite color right now is Good as Gold.

7. Fall is my favorite season. Give me boots, pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters and homemade soup!

8. I wake up at 5am, but I used to be a night owl.

9. Levi's first phrase was "mommy's coffee."

10. The beach is my favorite place to refresh my soul.

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