A Book Lovers Guide For Understanding Race

A Book Lovers Guide For Understanding Race

I flipped through the stack of mail.

A special issue of National Geographic had arrived entitled, “Black and White - These twin sisters make us rethink everything we know about race.”

Racial awareness is everywhere and if you haven’t noticed it yet, grab that special issue today, watch This is Us or read one of the books I’ve listed below.

Fellow book lovers will understand when I say that reading has opened up entire worlds of information I knew nothing about.

While I love books, when it comes to understanding race, having relationships with those across barriers makes the knowledge real.

As I paired reading with diverse friendships, my understanding about race grew radically.

I’m giving you a head start today with the list of books below, but I encourage you to find a space where you can begin to build relationships with those different than you.

Book List for Understanding Race - besimplyrooted.com

One of my most popular posts is my list of children’s books that develop cultural awareness in the home, so I've compiled the list below for adult reading.

If you haven’t read anything about understanding race before, I highly encourage the first two listed below.

A Book List For Understanding Race

Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? - This is my favorite book to recommend to newcomers to the racial awareness conversation.

The Education of a WASP - Another must read for beginners to the race conversation. This book follows the story of Lois Stalvey, a white woman determined to make a difference in the injustice she saw around her. 

Stamped From the Beginning - An in-depth, interesting look at the history of race. This book fascinated me with how the author weaved together the many facets of world history and how the words race, black and white came to be.

White Rage - A book that goes into the history of systemic and institutionalized racism in America.

The New Jim Crow - This book goes deep into the issue of mass incarceration. I didn’t know much about this topic until I read this book. If you’re interested in specific topics in racial understanding, this is an excellent one to pick up.

Just Mercy - A tough, but necessary read. This was a book I threw down in anger and had to walk away from for a few days before I could read it again. It’s well written and heartbreaking.

Divided by Faith - This book speaks into the evangelical views towards racial injustice and how attempting to help may be dividing us even more.

Disunity in Christ - Social psychologist, Christina Cleveland, speaks into the divisions within Christianity, why Christians have a hard time uniting and what tools we need to overcome our divisions.

Black Baby White Hands - The book that crushed my heart and made me realize the importance for Dan and I, as adoptive parents, to learn about race. If you're an adoptive parent, it's a must read!

Please tell me below if you’ve read any of these before or which one you’ve decided to read first.