Finding Purpose and Rest in the Everyday Mess

Simply Rooted is beginning. 

My journey through life has been filled with experiences of faith, growth, gratitude, and unity. Each day is a practice in one of those four areas. I have been through seasons of exhilaration, defeat, joy, and sorrow.

With new beginnings it's hard not to have expectations. To wonder how things will go and prepare for any outcome. 

One of the most important lessons I have learned in these years is that expectation breeds discontent. My expectations led to a period of utter brokenness because they weren't met. 

I want Simply Rooted to be an expectation free zone. It will be an organic outflow of the lessons I've learned by grace. 

Simply Rooted is going to be a place to explore faith, grow in various areas, get a handle on gratitude, and learn about unity in a non-judgmental space.

It is an idea given to me by the Lord, prepared for me by the Lord, it is His and I am his vessel. His words pour out of me to wash over you like a soothing salve in this mess of a world. 

My prayer is that this space will challenge you at the same time that it heals you.

Finding purpose everyday is the central idea that everything else will stem from.

Being a dreamer is both a blessing and a curse. The start of my own journey to living a more purposeful life was fraught with disappointment because I never thought I was doing enough, changing enough, simplifying enough (Remember I had an issue with expectation). I saw a vision of what could be and wasn't attaining it. I was tempted to give up, but I stuck with this purposeful living thing anyway.

I learned the lesson that purpose is not this unattainable thing that you strive to finish. It looks more like a daily exploration on the ordinary trail of life. Occasionally a breathtaking view is stumbled upon and sometimes an unexpected muddy pit will sink you to your knees. But for the majority of the time the trail is gently twisting and turning, filled with small obstacles to watch out for, and, when you're paying attention, the quiet magnificence of life stands out.


"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." ~Mother Teresa


I'm sure Mother Teresa would say she was just doing what was placed in front of her. Nothing big, nothing extraordinary. Just faithfully spreading Jesus' love with her own hands right where she was. But look at the end result.

I have a vision for you, lovely friend. Your eyes are open to the possibilities God has placed right in front of you. Your empty places have been satisfied with the love of God and your restlessness has found a purpose. You are taking brave, small, faithful steps that will lead to a life well lived.

The essence of a simply rooted life is in the following manifesto.




We believe in faith, in pursuing God first, especially when our doubts want us to turn away. We will be seekers of truth. We believe in stepping outside our comfort zones, recognizing that God is waiting with a remarkable adventure when we are simply rooted in him. 

We believe in growth, as a tree grows through seasons of abundance and dormancy, we will be content doing the same. We will recognize that our seasons of waiting may be preparing us for a fruitful season we could never have imagined. 

We believe in gratitude, the essential ingredient to combat the negative aspects of life. We believe gratitude grows contentment in every season.

We believe in unity, an acceptance of differences instead of fearing the unknown. We believe that knowledge and relationship are the avenues of change and we believe love has the power to overcome division. 

We believe in ourselves, women who were created with a unique purpose, given incredible talents and abilities and we are not afraid to use them. We have smashed the defeating lies of not enough and refuse to be distracted. 

We believe in authentic, brave community, where encouragement rules the day and the fullness of life is shared together. We believe in placing the messy and vulnerable out in the open. Instead of hiding behind perfection we will let our barriers break down as we realize we are all beautifully broken.

We believe in being simply rooted in Christ, where rest is a top priority so we have space to find purpose everyday. We believe beautiful lives are made in the middle of ordinary and small, simple, consistent faith leads to extraordinary endings.

In the simple beauty of life purpose can be found. Join me.

finding rest in the everyday mess - succulent planter

What part of the manifesto scares the pants right off you? Answer in the comments below.