Why a Morning Routine Can Be Good For Your Soul

Why a Morning Routine Can Be Good For Your Soul

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on creating a nourishing morning routine. Part 1 is about finding your why and part 2 is focused on the practicalities of what to include in a morning routine and tips to make it happen.

It’s 5:00 in the morning. I’m waking up to gentle music filling my ear instead of the harsh, repetitive alarm. I smile as I anticipate my morning. First Jesus and coffee, next writing.

For the next 2 hours I get to engage with the things that matter to me deep in my heart: a connection with God as I revel in the astounding beauty of the sunrise each morning, time to do work that I love so much it doesn’t seem like work at all, and letting creativity pour out uninterrupted.

By the time my kids get up I have filled my soul to overflowing with deeply meaningful moments. The things that define who I am without the boundaries of mama attached.

The overflow pours out of my heart and soaks my husband and children as they wake up and come snuggle before breakfast.

I am ready to be a present and purposeful mama.

This gentle morning routine was not how my mornings used to begin.

Why a morning routine can be good for your soul

Before I was convicted to change, my mornings went something like this:

Around 7:00am one child stands and stares at me until I jolt awake, my skin crawling with jitters. The other has wet through his diaper and I need to get him in a bath and take the sheets to the washer. The first one is demanding breakfast as I finish the other’s bath. Quickly I pour cereal and milk while I get the other dressed. By the time I put him in the high chair, the cereal and milk I poured is painted onto the table.

Sigh or yell because this is all before coffee. Quiet time is nonexistent. Writing or any other hobby? Not possible.

I was exhausted each day by snack time and I knew this was not working. But what could I do?

Why I changed from a night owl to an early bird?

I knew deep down that grumpy mommy was not who I wanted to greet my children with in the morning. Staying asleep in a warm bed is an extremely strong temptation so I had to be powerfully convicted to change.

At the time I thought it was impossible, I was not a morning person and that was my excuse to escape change.

Until I stumbled across a community that embraced mornings and encouraged accountability to make waking up early stick. I figured if I was ever going to do it, this might be it.

I joined a group and decided I would aim for 6:15, giving me 45 minutes of time before the kids woke up.

Without the accountability I wouldn't have succeeded with this goal. 

One of the other things that helped me change my sleeping pattern was having a strong enough why.

I desperately wanted to greet my children with a hug and a smile instead of plowing through them to get to the coffee. This was the core reason behind sticking with this group of women and checking in each morning.

My only goal was just get out of bed when the alarm goes off. No snooze and no falling back to sleep in my warm, cozy bed.

With some prayer I was able to do this. I may have fallen asleep on the couch a time or ten, but it was progress. I was out of bed every morning.

And it kept getting easier.

What is your why?

I believe my why is the only reason I was and still am able to wake up early and enjoy it.

Do you have a why strong enough to get you up and moving?

Ask yourself a few questions to get your thoughts rolling:

  • How am I greeting my kids in the morning?
  • Do I have any guilt-free time to care for myself during the day?
  • What is my attitude like when I wake up? Am I happy with it?
  • Why does this feel impossible to me right now?
  • Write your answers down and see if your why becomes clear.
Part 2 will help you decide what to add in your routine and 4 tips on how to make it a habit. To make sure you don't miss part 2 or any other weekly blog post, join the Simply Rooted community.
If you're a night owl, you think it's impossible to wake up early.